Finngoalie FG1 ProLight Goalie Stick

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The Finngoalie FG1 ProLight goalie stick was designed and engineered to provide goaltenders with a $370+ high performance stick for hundreds less. Finngoalie being for goaltenders first addressed the rising cost of goaltending equipment and current industry gauging. We typically are suggested on big brand retail sticks to charge north of $100 on what we purchase sticks for.Our sticks are manufactured in the same factory’s where your big brand name sticks are made. With durability adjustments and performance testing we are excited to offer our first composite stick. Offering an industry leading 45 day warranty. Designed by goaltenders made for goaltenders. 

The FG1 Specs

Paddle length available 

21”, 22”, 23” ,24”,25”,26”,27” 


Curve Pattern 



585 grams


45 days