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The Catchball  was invented in 1995 by world a renowned goalie coach when he was looking for a tool to quickly and efficiently improve the reaction and hand-eye coordination of his goaltenders. Ever since  then, the Catchball  was incredibly popular among professional goaltenders, but never available for purchase. Now, over 20 years later, Prolab Sportsfinally found a way to get the original Catchball  to the masses, because we believe that it should not only be reserved to the pros, but it

should be in every goalie's bag. This is why: A slap

shot from the blue line reaches the net in under .5 seconds, which means that there is no time to think. Reaction and reflexes have to be constantly trained and improved. Just a few minutes with the Catchball per day, wether it is used it for warming up before practice, to cool down post practice, or even before a game, are enough to notice development in the following aspects of a goaltender's game: 

Goalie Hand-Eye Coordination Training starts with juggling and is one of the base pillars of goalie off ice training. The puck is black and so are our juggling balls: your eyes are used to tracking a black object on the ice, so they should be trained to do the same off the ice. Bright-yellow standard balls are easier to track, simply because a black object blends easier with the background just like a puck would. Our test group of goaltenders confirmed that they were more comfortable tracking pucks on the ice after working off the ice with black juggling balls rather than bright yellow ones.​

Along with the Catchball, Black Juggling Balls are a must have for every goaltender that wants to improve their skills.


With the Original Catchball

Goalie R​eaction training

Complex Cognitive Activity

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Reaction time

  • Spacial awareness

Visual Skills​

  • Tracking

Goaltending Technique

  • Head trajectory

  • Hand positioning

  • Body lean​​