Game Analysis

Basic Game Analysis Package

Comprehensive Goaltender Assessment
Enhance your goaltending skills with our Basic Game Analysis package. With the assistance of Finngoalie, one of our skilled team members will attend your game equipped with state-of-the-art sport technology on a tablet. This ensures a comprehensive analysis of your performance during the game.
Post-game, we will conduct a detailed review session with you to highlight your successes and identify areas for improvement. The analysis will include a thorough examination of game footage, providing invaluable insights that allow you to pinpoint specific areas of your game that require enhancement.
Game video review plays a crucial role in a goaltender's development as it provides an objective perspective and facilitates self-assessment. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses, you can strategically focus on areas that require improvement and develop a comprehensive training plan to enhance your overall performance.
Invest in this comprehensive assessment package to elevate your goaltending skills and gain a competitive edge. Benefit from our expert analysis and maximize your potential as a goaltender.


$125 + GST