Peganchors the original Anchor - Peg

Introducing Anchorpegs, the original PegAnchor meticulously crafted by Jack Hartigan in 2013. Trusted globally, these innovative anchors have left an indelible mark on prestigious leagues and events like the NHL, IIHF World Campionships and even the Olympics.

1. **Stability**: Peganchors ensure unparalleled stability, providing a secure foundation for various applications, from sports events to outdoor activities.

2. **Durability**: Crafted with precision and robust materials, these anchors withstand the rigors of professional use, ensuring longevity in diverse environments.

3. **Versatility**: Ideal for a multitude of settings, Peganchors adapt effortlessly to different terrains, guaranteeing reliability whether on the ice at the Olympics or the field at a world championship.

4. **Ease of Use**: Designed for simplicity, Anchorpegs are user-friendly, allowing for quick setup and removal without compromising on strength.

5. **Trusted by Professionals**: The pedigree of Peganchors is evident in their widespread adoption by professional leagues and international competitions, a testament to their exceptional performance.

Used by the best in the world, Peganchors by Jack Hartigan redefine stability and reliability, setting the standard for anchoring solutions across the globe. Jack created the original Anchor peg when he was in search of a better net anchoring system for his goaltending programs which soon progressed into them being adapted worldwide as net anchor system for practice and also games!

What Are They?
Guardian Anchorpegs are made using our own proprietary blend of urethanes to produce an innovative, highly durable, adjustable Goalie peg making them the preferred goalie peg in Pro Practice Facilities around the globe.

How Do They Work?
Guardian Peganchors stay in place while goaltenders Push, Lean, Bump, VH, RVH without sacrificing safety. The Guardian Anchoring System allows goalies to perfect their on ice movements without the net dislodging upon contact. The “adjustability” feature allows the goalie to determine how much anchoring they need to perform at their own level hockey.

Guardian Benefits?
Guardian Peganchors provide goalies with much needed post impact absorption, reducing stress on knees , hips & ankles giving them more miles on their body and skate edges.

Guardian Peganchors are specifically designed to anchor the net into the ice without moving while goaltenders push & move post to post. The anchor tips drill a 1/2 inch hole into the ice while the threads freeze and grip for a solid anchor.



  • Pack of 2
  • Made from a blend of Urethanes
  • Finnsteel base 
  • Pegs will come in blue (Custom colors coming soon)
  • 5 year warranty 

Current Production Time

Ships 2-3 weeks after order 


Peganchors Testimonial from MartIn Biron (Former NHL Goaltender/ Current TSN Analyst) and John Daigneau (Former Professional Goaltender) Academy of Hockey Goaltender Development Staff

For years it has been a frustration to get on the ice and not feel like the net has been properly secured down during drills, especially those that require pushing from the post. After multiple failed attempts to keep the nets secured in place we were ready to just accept reality, that there was no solution to our problem out there. After being introduced by Finngoalie to the Pegs we at the Academy of Hockey believe that there is no better way to ensure the net will not move during drills. Not only does the net remain in place but damage to the ice is minimal where the pegs hold in the ice. If you are looking for an answer to nets constantly being knocked off in practice, Finngoalie Anchor Pegs are just that.”

* MartIn Biron (Former NHL Goaltender/ Current TSN Analyst) and John Daigneau (Former Professional Goaltender) Academy of Hockey Goaltender Development Staff