Team Practice Consulting

Team Practice Consulting

Professional Team Practice Consulting
We offer the expertise of a certified Finngoalie coach who specializes in working exclusively with goaltenders. This valuable service is brought directly to your team location, eliminating the need for additional travel. To ensure maximum benefit, we request that teams allocate a minimum of 20-30 minutes for our instructors to engage with the goaltenders during practice.
To secure our services, full payment is required prior to the initial practice session. Any unused credit will be conveniently stored for future practice sessions.
Please be aware that the aforementioned fees are subject to adjustment based on factors such as travel expenses and the duration of the practice. For a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs, we encourage you to reach out to us directly.


Team Practice Consulting
Individual Practice Session

Experience the value of a standalone team practice consultation, led by our highly skilled and experienced instructors. This session is designed to provide your goalies with targeted guidance and support tailored to your specific needs.

During the individual practice session, our expert instructor will work closely with your team, addressing key areas of improvement, fostering effective training, and enhancing performance. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, our instructor will guide your team through drills, strategies, and techniques that promote growth and skill development.
Investing in an individual practice session allows your goaltenders to receive dedicated attention, focused coaching, and personalized feedback. Benefit from the expertise of our qualified instructor as they help your team reach their full potential.
Unlock the advantages of an individual team practice consultation and propel your goaltenders towards success.

$125.00 + HST

Team Practice Consulting
5-Session Consultation Package

Take advantage of our exclusive offer to purchase 5 team practice consultations at a reduced price. As part of this package, our goaltenders will benefit from personalized feedback and monthly progress reports to facilitate their development.
By investing in this package, you can make substantial savings while ensuring your team receives expert guidance and support during practice sessions. Our dedicated instructors will provide valuable feedback to goaltenders, enabling them to refine their skills and track their progress over time.
Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your team's performance with our tailored consultations and comprehensive assessment reports.

$575.00 +HST


 Team Practice Consulting
10-Session Practice Pack

Maximize your team's growth and performance with our 10-session practice pack, available at a reduced rate. This package includes expert team practice consultations, with a specific focus on providing valuable feedback and monthly progress reports for goaltenders.
By investing in this comprehensive package, you can benefit from cost savings while ensuring your goaltenders receive continuous support and targeted feedback throughout the duration of the sessions. Our experienced instructors will closely evaluate the progress of the goaltenders and provide detailed reports to aid their development.
Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your goaltenders performance with our tailored consultations and regular progress assessments. Secure the 10-session practice pack today and set your goaltenders on a path to excellence.


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