Foundational Goaltender Camp 2023

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Open to goaltenders 2011-2016 

The Building on Foundations four day goaltender camp will put the focus on younger goaltenders who are just getting acquainted with the position. The program incorporates two on ice sessions a day and specialised off ice training & classroom @ Finngoalies Equipment & Training Centre. 

9am Ice time- GoaliesEdge (Skating, Edgework , Creasework) 

1:30pm Ice Rotation Game Skills Training

Ratio 3:1 limited to 18 Goalies

Our staff is as follows: 

Jack Hartigan (Pro goaltender coach DEL/DEL2 )

Evan Mosher (Former professional goaltender coach, Acadia University Goaltender Coach)

Olafr Schmidt (Current European Professional Goaltender Coach)

Anderson Snair (Bedford Barons /Basin Armada Goaltender Coach)

Alec Murphy (Finngoalie Lead Goaltender Coach)

Rob Daye (U18 Major Midget Goaltender Coach)

Liam Cavanaugh (Former NCAA Division 1 Goaltender Coach / Current Dalhousie University Goalie Coach)

July 10-13th


  • 12 hours of on-ice training
  • 6 hours of off-ice training
  • 4 classroom sessions including sense arena VR vision training sessions
  • Finngoalie Jersey / Custom Hat 
  • 3:1 net ratio