Finngoalie Box Control Angle System

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Swedish box control ropes are used to show goaltenders precisely how much coverage they are getting in the net. These ropes are uniquely designed to attach to coaches stick and net. Understanding angles is a very important part of the game of goaltending. Pick up your ropes today!  Imported from Sweden.

The Finngoalie Box Control Angle System is the perfect tool for goaltenders of all levels who want to improve their game. With this system, goaltenders can practice controlling the angles and depths of their movements in the net. The system consists of adjustable ropes that allow goaltenders to set up an area in which to practice their movements. This practice space can be adjusted to fit the goaltender’s playing style and skill level, allowing for a personalized approach to improvement. Practicing with the Finngoalie Box Control Angle System will help goaltenders improve their footwork, angles, depth control, and overall performance in the net. Put your goaltending skills to the test with the Finngoalie Box Control Angle System!