SabrePegs Hockey net anchoring system ( Net Anchor peg )

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Full steel adjustable 


Designed by goalies to reduce playing time during games.


Adjustable hockey goal anchors are specifically designed to meet the needs of goalies . They are manufactured in a way to prevent injuries and allow aggressive movements from one post to another, as well as "rvh , post bumps & lean movements thanks to the movement of the goal. The anchor post  are driven in 2 3/8" and which pierce the ice to a depth of about ¼" to ¾"

Detailed specifications of pair of adjustable hockey goal anchors

  • Adjustable
  • full steel 
  • Specifically designed by goaltending expert
  • Ice to a depth of about ¼ "to ¾"
  • 2 inch anchors 3/8
  • made in Canada