PegAnchors Steelbase Professional Use Guardian (Goaltending Program Package )

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What Are They?
Guardian Anchorpegs are made using our own proprietary blend of urethanes to produce an innovative, highly durable, adjustable Goalie peg making them the preferred goalie peg in Pro Practice Facilities around the globe.What makes it „Professional“ embedded steel base , made in Canada ExtremeTech impact Durability urethane blend. 

Designed by Jack Hartigan 
How Do They Work?
Guardian Anchorpegs stay in place while goaltenders Push, Lean, Bump, VH, RVH without sacrificing safety. The Guardian Anchoring System allows goalies to perfect their on ice movements without the net dislodging upon contact. The “adjustability” feature allows the goalie to determine how much anchoring they need to perform at their own level hockey.

Guardian Benefits?
Guardian Anchorpegs provide goalies with much needed post impact absorption, reducing stress on knees , hips & ankles giving them more miles on their body and skate edges.


  • Pack of 2
  • Made from a blend of Urethanes
  • Finnsteel base 
  • Pegs will come in blue (Custom colors coming soon)
  • 5 year warranty 

Current Production Time

Ships 2-3 weeks after order