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Bladetech Hockey, based in Toronto, provides high-quality stainless-steel runners for all holder types. Starting in 2015, Bladetech is now the go-to steel for many NHL equipment managers and pro players from around the world.

The company believes in two things: true innovation and the best quality.

The innovation comes in the form of the patented technology called “Flex-Force”.  The unique design of the Bladetech runners allows for the front-third of the blade to flex into the holder, cushioning the joints and storing vertical energy.  Upon extending the stride, the blade whips back, releases the stored energy and propels skaters forward.

This patented technology has been scientifically proven to provide skaters an average of 5.5% increase in speed due to more efficient use of energy and a more powerful stride! “Flex-Force” also cushions skaters’ joints: suffering less injuries as they endure lower impact forces, helping you play longer!

Bladetech Hockey’s high-quality stainless steel replacement runners, for all holder types, is backed by their 365-day warranty.