Tydan Goalie Blades Stainless Steel Goalie Blades

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Tydan Performance Blades are used and recommended by professional players and officials around the world. This innovative blade provides the highest quality and performance for any type of player.
Tydan Performance Blades offers custom replacement blades proven to give players more powerful strides, better glide and optimal control; as well as goalie blades with added height for stronger pushes, increased attack angles and maximum precision.
All Tydan Blades are manufactured with an extremely high quality steel, put through an extensive heat treating and finishing process. This results in a blade that retains the edge longer and is more durable than any other replacement blade on the market.
Tydan is able to engrave the player number, name, and team logo on the blades, and we proudly offer custom profiling of blades to desired specifications for any individual player.