Brian's Optik 9.0 Int. FULL SET

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The Brian's Optik 9.0 goal pads are a performance level pad from Brian’s that brings many of the advantages of the Optik Pro to a much lower price point, making Brian’s quality more available to the masses.

External Material
The Optik 9.0 leg pad uses very traditional Brian’s synthetic leather for the outside of the pad. Anyone who has touched a Brian’s pad before knows this is a good thing. The inside sliding edge also has a weave surface to increase sliding speed and limit friction, similarly to the Primo found on Brian’s pro offerings

Internal Construction
The internal construction of the Optik 9.0 hockey pad is much better than the price point leads on. The pad is has solid HD internals similar to the Optik pro. The solid core has some flex too it so it is softer than most pads that offer similar construction. The outer roll of the pad is also streamlined to increase weight savings as well as offer a bit softer of a pad flex.


Brian’s Optik 9.0 senior trapper is a performance level trapper for those goalies that want Brian’s quality but don’t want to spend as much as a pro glove. With a very similar build to the Optik Pro trapper the Optik 9.0 brings an unparalleled level of quality to mid-range equipment.

External Material
The Optik 9.0 catcher is made with traditional Jenpro construction, as well as having a traditional nylon lace pocket for better viewing angles to covered pucks.

Break Angle
The Optik 9.0 senior catcher is a 35* degree break angle, staying similar with it’s pro model. This angle makes closing the gloves more finger focussed rather than using the whole hand.


the Brian’s Optik 9.0 senior blocker, bringing with it a great quality build that is expected from Brian’s as well as a new design that anybody can enjoy. This performance blocker is ideal for those that want to get the Optik glove or Brian's quality but don’t necessarily need the pro model.

External Material
Brian’s sticks with traditional Jenpro leather on the outside of the Optik 9.0 blocker, proven to be durable, this is the best way for Brian’s to maintain quality without having a pro pricetag.

Palm Material
The palm is constructed, using Nash-like material for comfort. Brian’s 9.0 blocker has a strong wear-resistant material on the palm as well to increase durability in the area where your stick would be held.

Side Hand Protection
The sidewall on the Optik blocker is composed of high density foams for protection while keeping the blocker light for agile movements. Similar to the Optik pro blocker, the 9.0 keeps the same design on the sidewall for max protection.


*These are 'demo' sets. Used 1-2 times only! SAVE BIG TIME ON THIS LIMITED TIME OFFER!