Brians Opt1k 34+1" - WHITE

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The Brian's OPTiK Pro Goal pad is very unique in it's design as it can be built the cater to most goalies needs with it's two unique cores FLX & FLY. The look of the pad is also unique as it features a full flat face design with a very minimal outside roll to help provide a much larger blocking area. The landing portion of the pad has an angled knee block to help reduce any bumping of the knees and also allow you to drive your knees together without any interference. We also have Brian's brining it's enhanced sliding Primo material to the inside sliding edge of the pad, this new material will help you get across the crease in the butterfly a lot quicker and smoother than standard jenpro. 

The core of this pad is Brian's well known E-Foam that will allow you to either better control the rebound and where you would like it to go or it can really clear the rebound out as fast as possible. They have also gone with a much simpler strapping setup while still allowing you to feel connected to the pad.

With our OPTiK Pro pads we have gone with the FLY core and a 90 degree boot angle to ensure a full seal to the ice when down in the butterfly.