AAA June Prep Training Clinic

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Two tuneup sessions to help you prep for your upcoming training camps . 
Including Instruction from goaltender coaches : 

Jack Hartigan (DEL/DEL2 Professional Goaltender Coach)

Thomas Durant (Goaltender Development Valley Wildcats) 

Anderson Snair (U16 AAA Basin Armada Goaltender Coach)

Alec Murphy (CPA Cheetahs/Summit Snipers Goaltender Coach)

Robert Daye  (AAA Penguins Female U18 Goaltender Coach)

including special guest professional goaltenders from Europe and USA 

Tuesday June 27th 6pm @HRM4PAD Pad A 

Wednesday June 28th 6pm training session @ Finngoalie Equipment and Training Centre. 

Thursday June 29th 6pm @HRM4PAD Pad A

Very Limited space available